graphic design and brand identity

Creating an identity with the primary focus of being approachable for Little Chefs, a Delhi-based catering company. The approach to design was to begin with their logo colors and bring in playful elements in order to make it appealing for the potential clientele, adults with children or kids themselves. The playful flow was maintained throughout the menu and reflected in the flyer and banner designs. The neat outline of a logo was juxtaposed over a messy splatter of paint to create an impact. The primary elements of the branding were colors, font, design modules and formatting.
The annual admissions and placement brochure of a university, basic purpose is intended to provide clear and concise information regarding college programs and courses offered. The design and colors need to be subtle but impactful in order for information to be conveyed in a professional manner. The premise of the design was the cover page, with selected color palette and the tone-on-tone background elements. The rest of the brochure and flyer follow a similar scheme, using modules as design elements.

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